Some Things Are Out of Your Control

Sometimes you find yourself becoming angry or sad because things aren’t going the way you want them to. This can be especially frustrating when the cause of your pain is because of something you have no control over. Whether your boss got mad at you for something that wasn’t your fault, or you lost trust with someone close to you, or someone you love was taken from you by their own choice or by God’s. No matter the situation there are things you cannot control. On the flip side there are many things that you can control, like your attitude. President Nelson gives some great tips on improving your mood especially when things seem out of your control 🙂

Who can you become?

Hey everybody I hope you guys had a killer week!

Today when you get off work or school or whatever you have going on, sit down with your family, friends, roommates, etc and watch the story that Peter M. Johnson of the seventy tells of discovering his true identity. This is a very long video so bear with me. But I promise that it will bring you peace 🙂

How the Savior helps us overcome fear

Good morning everyone,

This week I’ve noticed that people, no matter how different from each other they may be, really do have a lot in common. Something I believe we all have in common is fear. There are many reasons for feeling fear. But a promise from the Lord’s prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, is that “Those who build their foundations upon Jesus Christ, and have learned how to draw upon His power, need not succumb to the unique anxieties of this era.” (The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation)

In the video below, one of Jesus Christ’s Apostles shares some things we can do right now that will allow the Savior to dispel fear from our lives. I testify that Jesus Christ suffered for you individually and that He can strengthen you through His Atonement. He knows exactly how you feel today. In the name of Jesus Christ amen❤


Hey everybody I hope yall had a great week!

I just got transferred to Augusta Georgia and I love it! The South is the best 🙂 

This week I was reminded that it is a commandment to have joy. Jesus Christ taught: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

We often get tempted to be negative and focus on the things we don’t have. I invite myself and each of you to focus on the things that you do have and the people that you are around everyday. One thing I am beginning to learn is that true joy comes from trying to build up other people and working to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

The Pure Love of Christ

Hello everyone! 

I hope that all has been well with each of you this week 🙂 As my trainers and I sat with a family for dinner on Friday, their baby boy kept making faces at us. It reminded me of Moroni’s words when he said that “All little children are alive in Christ.” (Moroni 8). Children’s innocence and cheerfulness can only bring feelings of joy. It’s no wonder that the Lord has commanded us to “Become as little children” (Matthew 18:3). They are full of innocence, humility, simplicity, faith, and love. All of these are attributes of the Savior that he kept perfectly throughout his childhood and adult life.

I invite each of you to pick one of these Christlike attributes and work on it this week.

I love yall! ❤

True Discipleship of Jesus Christ

Hi everybody! 

I’m particularly excited for this coming Saturday. Mostly because our friend Brooks is getting baptized! As we have been teaching her we’ve been going over the fundamentals and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of those being partaking of the sacrament. When we worthily partake of the sacrament we renew the covenant we made with God when we were baptized. This includes taking upon you the name of Christ and in return receiving the promise that you will always have His Spirit to be with you. The word “always” in this promise is essential. You will always have His Spirit with you. Not just when things are going well, not just on Sunday, but always. On the other hand we promise to take Jesus Christ’s name upon us. This means that we follow Jesus Christ’s example in all that we do. Not just when we feel like it, not just when things are going well, and certainly not just on Sundays. To quote Elder Holland, we must “Never check our religion at the door, for that kind of discipleship is no discipleship at all.” 

I challenge myself and each of you to be true disciples of Jesus Christ this week. At all times, in all places, and with all people. 

I bear my testimony that we must wait upon the Lord. Sometimes answers and solutions do not come when we want them too. Perhaps we are being tested and tried to see if we will truly follow Him. But eventually, He always comes through. He is the prince of peace.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

First Few Weeks in the Field

Wow South Carolina is pretty sweet! Southern hospitality is a real thing and the food has not disappointed. I’m extremely impressed by the members here. Man they are devoted to serving Jesus Christ! Also they’re just so kind, I even got treated to a greenie meal haha.

 It’s only been a couple of weeks but God has already performed many miracles and blessings here. The joy of witnessing someone commit to be baptized is truly fulfilling 🙂 There have also been a lot of funny stories that I’ve made sure to write in my journal, one of them was helping a brother in the ward pull down a tree in his yard (it was funnier than it sounds). 

I would like to leave yall with my testimony that Jesus Christ truly understands every sorrow and hardship that we experience. Through Him our grief can be replaced with hope and peace❤ In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I invite each of you to read and ponder this Book of Mormon verse, watch the video, and implement the video’s invitation into your week. Love you guys!

Alma 26:27

Almost Time to Leave the MTC

Hey everyone it’s my last weekend in the MTC and it’s been so fun! My district is awesome and I love my companion. I love studying the scriptures and learning things from other people. Some of my favorite parts have been growing closer to my district, playing basketball, and the devotionals. 

One thing that I have learned this week is that everybody has something to teach you if you are willing to pay attention. From the time I’ve spent so far with my district I’ve realized that it is important to love those that you interact with everyday. I invite each of you to find ways to love and appreciate someone that is in your life right now. This week please take the time and effort to show the person in your mind that they matter. I love all of you and I bear my testimony that if you were the only person to ever live on the earth, Jesus Christ still would have suffered and died just for you. That is how much he loves you. One of my favorite scriptures from this week is John 3:16 🙂